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Understanding Types of Canadian Commercial Trucking Licenses

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Understanding Commercial Trucking Licenses

A commercial trucking license is a special type of license that allows drivers to operate a large vehicle that supports a business operation. The trucking industry always needs drivers and it is likely you’ll find several well-paying jobs within the next few years. However, like a regular driver’s license, commercial trucking licenses have different classifications and can impact your future career choices.

Answers to Questions about DZ License Test, F License Written Test, How to Get AZ License, & the Z Test in Ontario

Do you need to take an F License written test or is the Z test in Ontario better for you? Should you look into how to get the AZ License or is the DZ License test appropriate for your driving needs? Understanding what each license can give you will help you determine which

one you need to meet your career goals. If you’re looking to get a commercial truck driver’s license, KnowledgeSurge can help you learn how to safely operate a motor vehicle and give you the high-quality training you need to become a savvy and skilled driver.

3 Classifications of Commercial Truck Driving Licenses

Taxi driving, truck driving and tractor-trailer driving are considered to be commercial driving. Licenses are issued depending on the level of expertise and extent of training undergone by the driver. Generally, the license classification is dependent on certain factors including your level of training, the weight of the vehicle and the weight of its towed vehicle if applicable. Additionally, the use of air brakes will also affect the type of license you are issued.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the types of licenses you can get for commercial truck driving:

  • F License: To get started, you must first pass the F License written test. If you qualify to receive your F license, you are permitted to operate vehicles with a maximum capacity of 24 passengers. These types of vehicles may include ambulances, para-transit vehicles and airport shuttle buses. Drivers with an F license are also qualified to operate Class G vehicles, which are small trucks and passenger vehicles but don’t include big buses or trailers.

  • DZ License: A DZ License allows you to drive trucks or other vehicles that exceed 11,000 kilograms; however, any towed vehicle cannot exceed the weight of 4,600 kilograms. Drivers who pass the DZ license test can also operate any Class E, F and G vehicles which include small trucks and passenger vehicles, ambulances and buses or school buses with a maximum capacity of 24 passengers.

  • AZ License: An AZ license allows drivers to operate the biggest vehicles in the trucking industry. How to get the AZ License? Be aware that this Class of license has two parts, with the ‘A’ permitting drivers to carry any haul without the restrictions of a DZ license for example. The ‘Z’ test in Ontario or Z-endorsement gives you the proper credentials to drive a vehicle with air brakes. To obtain the Z-Endorsement, drivers can complete the two-day Air Brake course provided by KnowledgeSurge Institute, which includes the written and practical testing. Having an AZ license can open many doors as it makes you more valuable to potential employers, potentially leading to an easier time securing a job in the industry.

Contact Us for Advanced Truck Driving Training Programs

  • Are you a new immigrant looking to find stable and steady employment in Canada? With certified training and support from KnowledgeSurge Institute, you can build a reliable career as a commercial truck driver.

  • Are you a young adult seeking a career with high earning potential without investing time and money in post-secondary education? You may want to look into how to pass the DZ License test.

  • Are you a man or woman looking for a second career? Consider how to get an AZ License and earn a steady, dependable income.

At KnowledgeSurge, our highly experienced and qualified instructors provide prospective truck drivers with the advanced training that is necessary for a successful career in the road transportation industry. Students can benefit from an interactive and engaging course that includes state-of-the-art simulation technology to ensure you are comfortable with various driving systems and maneuvers before getting behind the wheel of a real truck. However, we also recognize the importance of in-cab driving experience and provide one-on-one training with experienced instructors with flexible training schedules.

For more information about our training programs and how to get your commercial truck driving license, give us a call at 1-705-730-1130 or use our online contact form.

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