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truck training with woman and instructor

Proud to be a TTSAO Approved
Truck Driving School

KnowledgeSurge Institute tractor-trailer that we use for practical behind-the-wheel training

Choose from our 115.5-hour or 200-hour course. Flexible training schedules available!

Instructor and student check a dipstick to verify fluid levels in the truck as part of the one-on-one practical training

Occupation-specific training programs.

Learn how to drive a dump truck, straight truck, fire truck & more!

A student uses the virtual reaity airbrakes system to test and repair airbrakes in a simulated and controlled environment

Combine the MTO-Approved VR Airbrakes course with our Class A & Class D training programs!

A certified driving instructor and his student during the lesson

Obtain your Ontario Driving Instructor Licence by completing our MTO-Approved BDIC/BCIC courses!

Looking for a career in commercial driving?

Well, you found the right truck driving school to start! At KnowledgeSurge Institute we don't just provide you with high-quality, advanced driver training. Our job isn't done until you're employed and on the road applying the skills you learned during your time with us! We offer programs for all types of careers in the road transportation industry, including commercial trucking (Class A or D), EMS (Class F), airbrakes (Z Endorsement) and even instructor certification programs (BDIC/BCIC)! In some cases, our students get hired well before they've even finished their driver training! That's how high in demand commercial drivers are in the existing industry. Let us get you on the road to success! Take a look at the links below to learn more about who we are, what we do and what makes us different from other school.

We offer affordable financing options through PayBright Canada!

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Choose from our MELT EliteStart 115.5 hour program or our EliteStart Pro 200 Hour TTSAO-approved program.

Class D & F Training, Z Endorsement

Our elite programs give you all the skills needed to obtain your licence but we also  include occupation specific training options.

National Training Award Winner

Lead the industry as an elite instructor. High quality programs designed and developed by qualified Instructional Design Professionals!

Award Winning Courseware

Our programs use State-of-the-Art DriveWise courseware and programs. 

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