Commercial Driver Training Courses

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Truck & Safety Training

Truck and safety training are essential components of ensuring the smooth operation of commercial vehicles while prioritizing the safety of drivers and other road users. Our programs focus on cooperative driving techniques to train “thinking” drivers that are proactive and alert at all times. Our programs also focus on safety beyond the road, all courses include information on proper procedures for pre-trip inspection, yard manoeuvring, safe spotting, and load securement to ensure safety is kept top of mind at all times.

Two women inspecting a white truck.

Manual vs Automatic

Our AZ commercial training courses are primarily offered in a manual transmission to avoid any licensing restrictions. Automatic transmission courses are available upon request. We offer DZ in both manual and automatic transmission. Depending on your career aspirations, we will guide you to the course that will best fulfill your needs.

Commercial Licence

There are different types of licence classes to allow you to drive different types of vehicles. The type of licence needed is determined by the weight, size, and number of passengers allowed for the vehicle. The below graph will help you determine which class of licence you require for the type of vehicle you would like to drive. A full valid G licence is required to apply for a Class A, C, D, E, or F licence.

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A KnowledgeSurge truck with attached trailer.

Commercial Trucking Licence (AZ)

Obtain your commercial trucking licence (AZ) and operate any tractor-trailer combination.

A KnowledgeSurge student looking out the window of a vehicle.

Commercial Trucking Licence (AR)

Obtain your commercial trucking licence (AR) and operate small truck-trailer combinations.

A KnowledgeSurge student entering a vehicle.

Commercial Vehicle Licence (D)

Obtain your commercial trucking licence (D) and operate a small moving truck, dump truck, straight truck, fire truck & more.

A KnowledgeSurge instructor and student in a vehicle.

Commercial Vehicle Licence (F)

Obtain your commercial (F) licence and operate a small bus or ambulance.

close up of a foot on a brake pedal

Airbrake (Z) Endorsement

Obtain your Z endorsement and operate air brake equipped motor vehicles.

Side view of a KnowledgeSurge vehicle with logo visible.

Heavy G Vehicles

Operate larger size G vehicles with confidence.

A KnowledgeSurge class.

Certified Instructor Courses (BDIC/BCIC)

Obtain your Ontario Driving Instructor Licence for class G by completing our MTO-Approved BDIC/BCIC courses.

A KnowledgeSurge group.

Fleet Driving Instructor Course

Designed for trainers and supervisors of commercial vehicle drivers.

A KnowledgeSurge class gathered around a vehicle part.

Fleet Driver Training

Our commercial programs incorporate State-of-the-Art DriveWise courseware and training methods.


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