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Why KnowledgeSurge?

Are you seeking commercial licence opportunities for yourself or for your employees? Maybe you want to become a driving instructor or manage corporate fleets? Either way, you’ve found the right place! KnowledgeSurge & our sister company DriveWise have built an impeccable reputation for quality and performance. Not only do we provide high quality, advanced training for careers in the road transportation industry, but we also operate at a 99.9% client recommendation rating.

Our registered private career college deploys a number of different training solutions from coast-to-coast, including Fire, EMS, Municipal Services, Commercial Trucking, and Corporate Fleets. With multiple accolades and a 99.9% client recommendation rate, you can trust our experts to deliver game-changing training and expertise that has made KnowledgeSurge Institute/DriveWise Canada’s industry leader in advanced driver training programs.

Two women smiling and looking at a paper in front of a truck.
A KnowledgeSurge student using driving simulator tools.

Advanced Training Tools

Students of our elite commercial driving school will benefit from an interactive and engaging approach to training. Our courses include cutting-edge simulation technology that allows the trainee to familiarize themselves with various axle ratios, transmission options and engine types – all of which are used in the trucking industry today. Students will become comfortable with driving manoeuvres, such as backing and wide turns, well before they step into the truck. We use simulation as a bridge to the in-cab experience. The simulation experience greatly enhances the in-cab training, but does not replace any in-cab hours. Our in-cab training is guaranteed one-on-one, allowing us to customize training plans that target the individual learning needs of each student.

Through increased interactivity and learner retention, our students leave our doors with the confidence and knowledge necessary to take on any career in the industry! When our students have completed their training, our experienced and knowledgeable team will assist them in finding relevant job opportunities and network with various carriers. It’s our goal to get them on the road as soon as possible!

Why Choose KnowledgeSurge

Training Toolbox

Interactive Simulation & Classroom Training

Private In-Cab Lessons

Guaranteed One-on-One in-yard & in-cab Experience

Student Benefits

Flexible Training Schedules, weekly road test options, and Lifetime Career Support

Financing Assistance

We offer financing options like grants, employer programs & affordable loans.

Experienced, Passionate, and Certified

Our management team and instructional team have over
300 years of combined experience.

Trusted Partners

Student Benefits

At KnowledgeSurge Institute, our job isn’t over until you’re employed and on the road! Part of our dynamic training program is a life-long commitment to career placement, networking and career development & advancement.

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Resume Building & Application Assistance

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Career Placement Advice

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Networking Meetups

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Career Seminars

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