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To learn more about the educational offerings at KnowledgeSurge Institute, reach out to us today. Take the first step towards your career goals with our Trucking School or Driving Instructor Certification programs. Get in touch now to get started on your dream career.

121 Commerce Park Dr, Barrie, ON L4N 8X1

Training Hours:

In-class training

Monday – Sunday from 8:00am to 4:30pm.

In-vehicle training

Monday – Sunday scheduled around your availability.

Office Hours:
Monday – Friday 8:00am-5:00pm

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I don’t need to take the course, can I just use your truck for the test?

In order to use our truck for your road test, you would need to be a registered KnowledgeSurge student. If you have already taken your MELT course and just need a vehicle for the road test, hourly lessons are available with one of our instructors. Contact us for pricing.

What prerequisites do I need to have prior to starting the course?

Prior to starting one of our commercial driver programs, you will need the below:

  • Full G licence
  • Proof of grade 11/equivalent or higher 
  • MTO medical

Prior to starting in-vehicle lessons, you will need to complete the below:

  • MTO written test
  • Pay for MTO road test fee
Do you provide the vehicle for road tests?

Yes, we provide the vehicle and book road tests for all of our KnowledgeSurge students, regardless of which commercial program you are taking.

How often do you run AZ/DZ courses?

We run our courses monthly and they usually take place on the first Monday of the month. Part time/weekend courses are scheduled occasionally as needed. If a certain date does not work for you, we will find one that does.

Find out the date for our next course by contacting us.

How long does it take to complete the course?

Completing a KnowledgeSurge program can take anywhere from 3-8 weeks depending on the course and your availability.

DZ: 3 weeks
AZ: 6 weeks

The timeline is flexible, and may be subject to change. Total completion time will be determined based on availability for in-vehicle lessons.

Do you offer career assistance after graduation?

We do offer lifetime career support and placement assistance to graduates. We are here to help our students from start to finish and that includes: resume building, networking, job search, and much more.

Do you offer automatic AZ licences?

Although we do offer training in automatic trucks, all of our AZ vehicles have a manual transmission. We’ve built our reputation in the industry with employers by offering manual training. Although lots of employers are converting to automatic vehicles, many employers still value training in a manual vehicle and obtaining your A licence without a restriction.

Are books included in the tuition price?

Books are not included in the tuition price. You have the option to buy books, however they can be borrowed from our library at no cost.

What vehicles can training be provided for?

Training can be provided for many vehicle classes such as: A, D, F, G, and C.

What types of jobs can I get after obtaining my DZ licence?

After getting your DZ licence, there are many job opportunities available for drivers. Some of these positions include: waste management, snow plow operator, ready mix driver, moving, delivery, and more.
We recommend checking out our Job Board page, or looking through Indeed for companies hiring DZ drivers.

Do you offer Z endorsement (Air brakes) certification?

Yes, the Z endorsement is included in all of our A & D driver programs but it can also be taken on its own if needed. For example, if Z endorsement is needed for a heavy G truck.

Read about our Air Brakes program here.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes, we do have a payment plan for our programs. 50% is due on the first day of class, and there are flexible payment options for the rest of the 50%. Financing is available through Affirm Canada

Do you offer in-vehicle lessons on evenings and weekends?

Yes! We know that it can be difficult to take time out of a busy schedule, so we make sure the in-vehicle lessons are scheduled around your availability. Our one-on-one in-vehicle sessions are also offered on evenings and weekends.


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