Why Truck Drivers Are Essential Workers In Canada

Aug 16, 2021 | Industry Updates

Not everyone thinks of truck drivers when they think about frontline workers, but, without them, 2020 would have been far worse and more deadly. The fact is that without truckers moving goods across the country, Canadian industry simply cannot function.

We’re not just talking about your Amazon packages; we’re talking about the food on your table, the mask over your mouth, and the respirators keeping COVID patients alive in your local hospital. All of it was picked up and delivered to where it needed to go by someone just as afraid of catching the virus as you —a truck driver.

Truck drivers are essential workers because the functions they perform cannot be put on hold. Truck drivers are frontline workers because, despite the high risk of catching COVID-19 in the course of their work, they show up and ensure that essential supply chains remain open. In the midst of a global pandemic, showing up for the people and communities that depend on you is nothing short of heroic.

"[The] hard-working women and men who drive trucks for a living have dutifully answered the call, even at their own risk, to continue delivering the essential products and food Canadians desperately need right now," said Steve Laskowski, Senior VP at the Ontario Trucking Association. "Perhaps for truly the first time in our lives, we all got an alarming glimpse in those first anxious weeks just how fragile the line between chaos and civility can be. And it became pretty clear that it’s the supply chain —with trucking at its core —that keeps that fine line intact."

Truck Drivers and the Community

Despite long stretches away from home, truck drivers are an integral part of the community. As part of our commitment to our community, KnowledgeSurge helps students of our Commercial Driver Training programs in Ontario land steady, good-paying jobs in the trucking industry after (and often before) completion of their commercial truck driver training.

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