Commercial Vehicle Licences

Make Driving Your Career!

Class D Licence

A DZ licence, according to the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, allows you to operate a motor vehicle exceeding 11,000 (24,000 lb) kilograms in total weight, or any combination of motor vehicle exceeding 11,000 (24,000 lb) kilograms and towed vehicle not exceeding a total gross weight of 4,600 kilograms (10,000 lb). 

That means you could get a position driving any one of these vehicles:

  • a straight truck

  • a dump truck

  • a cement truck

  • a municipal waste truck

  • fire truck with airbrakes

Choose between our 44-hour Manual and 28-hour Automatic DZ Training programs where a combination of interactive in-class, simulation training and in-vehicle practice prepare you for your Road Test!

Class F Licence

If you are looking to drive an ambulance or any regular bus with a maximum capacity of 24 passengers, you will require a Class F licence. Those with a Class F licence may also drive any vehicle in class G.

Our Class F training program is occupation specific and lesson plans are flexible depending on how you wish to use the licence.

An instructor holds a simulaton lab for a Class F course for aspiring paramedics. He is standing by the simulators showing the observing students how it works while two students drive the simulators.

Airbrakes (Z Endorsement)

The Z Endorsement - also known as airbrakes certification - can be combined with other licence classes. Our airbrakes course prepares you for the provincial examination.

Our Virtual Reality Airbrakes program was built using DriveWise technology and is MTO-Approved. As part of this training, we incorporate a virtual reality airbrake simulator that demonstrates different types of brake functions, failures, and more!

A screen grab of the virtual reality airbakes system from the student or observer's perspective. Here you can see gauges, wiring and the mechanics of the airbrakes.


CLASS D, F, & Airbrake



Class D Basic & Advanced

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MTO Approved MELT program


Z Endorsement