How Female Truck Drivers are Changing the Commercial Truck Driving Industry

Feb 16, 2021 | Industry Updates

Commercial truck driving may be a traditionally male-dominated industry, but the landscape is quickly evolving to include more female truck drivers than ever before. In recent years, more women have pursued this career option due to the growing demand for drivers and the shifting face of the field. In order for the industry to meet these high demands, women truck drivers are being recruited for life on the open road. As with any job, hard work and perseverance can pay off with lucrative pay, and a career in commercial trucking can also mean the freedom of the highway and a deviation from a traditional corporate job. Read on to discover why truck driving is becoming a more common profession for women.

Why are More Women Becoming Truck Drivers?

As the demand for goods increases, so does the demand for commercial truck drivers. The need for more drivers and a shift in who is applying and being hired by companies are creating more opportunities for women to get in the driver’s seat. Even the carriers can benefit, for instance, embracing the growth of women in trucking may help to lower

insurance costs, create a more balanced workplace and even result in fewer road violations.

Here is a closer look at why more women are exploring career opportunities in truck driving:

  • Meet the Demand

The trucking industry is running out of drivers to keep pace with the demand. As time goes on, the shortage of drivers is likely to become worse as current drivers begin to retire and fewer new drivers enter the workforce. As demand increases, the awareness by women that trucking is a viable career will escalate how many more female truck drivers there are.

  • Equal Pay

Trucking offers equal pay to those who have a willingness to work hard or take on long-distance hauls or hazardous goods. In addition to good pay, truck driving offers women more flexibility than they would find in a traditional job.

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Check out this link to watch fun videos and TikToks of woman truck drivers!

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