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A Guide to Canadian Truck Driver Salaries and Career Options

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

If you’re thinking about becoming a truck driver, rest assured you’ve made a great decision. Not only is there a lot of opportunity in today’s market, but there are few careers that offer this level of financial viability, long-term job security and satisfaction. Of course, your truck driver’s salary depends on a number of factors including where you were trained, the level of training, the route type and how big of a load you haul. Read on to learn more about the salary and your career direction possibilities as a truck driver in Canada.

A Truck Driver Salary Breakdown

So, you may be wondering – how much does a truck driver make in Canada? In 2020, the average salary for a standard commercial truck driver in Canada was around $68,000, while the average salary for truck drivers in Ontario hovers just shy of the national average at around $67,000, according to Indeed. However, there are many ways you can maximize your earning potential while finding the best type of commercial driving career that suits your lifestyle.

  • Company Drivers: If you take the company driving route, your trucking company is likely to cover some significant costs including fuel, maintenance, insurance, and benefits. This is extremely advantageous as it allows drivers to focus on the job. There are a couple of factors that could affect your salary such as work type and route selection. For instance, transporting hazardous materials over packaged consumer goods can significantly increase your earnings. In general, the more difficult the job and the longer you need to be on the road, the more you will be paid.

  • Owner-Operators: Another career option is to work as an independent contractor and work with a trucking carrier. While owner-operators assume all the responsibility when it comes to things like fuel, maintenance and benefits, this position may earn you a higher salary. Any amount that is made above overhead costs is yours to keep.

  • Long-Haul Driving: If you want to get the most out of your truck driving career, consider becoming a long-haul truck driver. Drivers who take on this position can earn between $70,000-$75,000 a year, though this average varies from province to province.

Register for Our Truck Driving Programs and Start Earning Income

At KnowledgeSurge Institute, we have a range of training programs for commercial drivers:

  • Are you new to Canada and looking for stable employment? Start earning money and build a long-term career as a commercial truck driver.

  • Are you a young adult who would like to earn an income and look for a new and fulfilling career path? KnowledgeSurge is a registered private career college that provides students with high quality, advanced truck driver training. The education you will receive from expert instructors will help jump start your career in commercial truck driving.

At KnowledgeSurge Institute, we offer immersive training programs that help accelerate your career in the trucking industry. For instance, our EliteStart program provides students with the minimum standard of mandatory entry-level training (MELT), in addition to two days of Airbrakes training.

For those who want to take their education to the next level and improve their career outlook, consider registering for our EliteStart Pro program. Receive 200 hours of versatile training, including one-on-one vehicle training and additional certifications. Our students often find employment while completing our course or immediately after, so if you’re ready to begin your commercial truck driving career - reach out today!

For more information about our training programs and how to jump start your truck driving career in Canada, give us a call at 1-705-730-1130 or use our online contact form.

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