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Airbrake (Z Endorsement)

The Z endorsement is an additional certification required for drivers who operate any vehicle fitted with an airbrake or an air-over-hydraulic brake system. The student must pass the MTO knowledge test, as well as the practical test to obtain their airbrakes endorsement. 


We offer a course specifically targeted for those looking to get their airbrakes endorsement. The training is done partly on a Virtual Reality Airbrake System (VRAB) as well as a real-life mock airbrake system.


Our course can be combined with other licence classes, such as A and D licences. For our commercial truck training programs, the Z endorsement is included in the hours. To be combined with a D licence, the student must complete 8 hours of training. To be combined with the A licence, the student must complete 12 hours of training. 

Our Virtual Reality Airbrakes program was built using DriveWise technology and is MTO-Approved. The simulator allows students to learn the functionality of the brake system, potential failures, and more! Not only do our trainees learn how the airbrakes system works, but they also learn how to assess and repair different types of mechanical failures as they happen while also monitoring air pressure levels and other factors. 

For more information regarding the Z endorsement program and how to combine this training with other programs, speak with an advisor.

A student uses the virtual reality airbrakes system to evaluate, assess and repair mechancal flaws and failures
A screen grab of the virtual reality airbrakes system including a list of potential failures


Z Endorsement

MTO approved program with air brake build by DriveWise

(This program does not require approval under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005.)

​Our air brake courses will prepare you for the provincial examination. If your need is for the Z Endorsement to accompany a D Class licence, the program will take two days to complete. If it is to be combined with an A licence it is 12 hours. Our program is built by DriveWise and is MTO approved. We incorporate a virtual reality air brake simulator in the classroom to demonstrate a fully functional air brake system including failures. For more information contact us today!

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