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What's special about  DriveWise?

We are the only MTO-approved driving school that uses driving simulators in training.

Our SafeStart Program features 40 hours of novice driver training, which includes 20 hours of interactive classroom learning (6 hours in the art simulation lab), 10 hours of online learning, and 10 hours of private...

Are the programs customized?

DriveWise courses are customized to accommodate your learning requirements, occupation, selected program length, and risk data. Our programs are designed through an instructional design process, and reference applicable Canadian regulatory requirements, and our own “six star approach” to cooperative driving.....

Can training be done at our location?

Yes. We have a fully outfitted mobile training unit complete with driving simulator, instructor station and classroom. The trailer, which is powered by a generator, eliminates the need for shore power and is climate controlled, so training can be done in almost any condition.

Why DriveWise?

DriveWise sets itself apart with an elite collection of unique differentiators:

1. Certified instructional designers customize your program to target your specific risks, occupation and learner profile (i.e. pre-hire, new hire, recurrent or at-risk Driver).
2. To maximize our programs results, DriveWise has a proprietary instructional...

What are your Simulator's Capabilities?

As well as simulating a multitude of vehicles, the simulator offers many different environmental scenarios including: highway, freeway, suburban, rural, city, downtown core, mountain pass, and snowy freeways. The flexibility of the visual environment enables...

Do you sell Driving Simulators?

Yes. We sell occupation-specific simulators in addition to building and delivering service-based training programs. One of our main tools in learner engagement is the realism of our simulator and its applicability to real life experience. Immersion in the simulation is enhanced by the force feedback of the pedals and steering including......

What is the Benefit of Simulation?

Simulation labs are a highly-effective and powerful method of cognitive skill development, behaviour modification and situational awareness building. In a simulated environment, the group is exposed to a number of different driving situations...

What vehicles can training be provided for?

DriveWise can provide training for the following vehicles:

  • Pick-up Truck

  • Step/Delivery Van

  • Heavy Truck

  • Fire Truck

  • Ambulance

  • Police Cruiser

  • and more

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